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If Ergonomix is a new "face" for you, we describe here briefly a little more about our products.

Our adjustmentsystem are used in a variety of products. Tables, workbenches, workbenches, packaging machines, large machines and autopsy table, are just a few examples, but the diversity is great. Of course there is also the opportunity to build our systems on existing tables and benches.

The system is operated either by motor or crank. The cost per lifting point is low. Thus, one can build stable table or similar to the number of legs that fits best. Whatever the number of lifting points are required only one engine, causing safety and minimize costs.

Overall, our systems can withstand a load of 100-1200 kg. The maximum lifting height is one meter.

Lift cylinders are available in a variety of versions and there is always a suitable option for you as a customer. The cylinders are connected to the drive unit by flexible hoses. Would bias and / or temporary overloads occur, this causes no problems, because the system is built to handle this.

Thanks to our high quality products, our sales reached out to customers all over the world from Scandinavia in the north and to the Australia / New Zealand in the South.

Since each customer needs are unique, we encourage you to contact us for information and assistance.

Tel: +46 (0) 33-222780
e-mail: sales@ergonomix.se

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E-mail: sales@ergonomix.se

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