hydraul1.jpgErgonomix system operates on the principle of two communicating vessels. The first vessel is in the pump (e.g. in the table) and the second cylinder is in / on the table leg. The vessels are connected by a plastic hose. When the table / product shall be increased pressure is simply the amount of oil needed from the vessel into the pump through the hose to the cylinder eg table leg and table / product pushed thereby upwards. When the table / product shall be reduced creating a vacuum in the pump by pulling back the piston. The oil in the cylinder is then pushed back through the tubing into the pump by the overpressure table / product weight causes.

Pumps and cylinders are designed for adjustment of workplaces in normal industrial / office environment. The pump is supplied with an electric motor or crank. The systems are not designed for continuous operation. The systems are single acting i.e. it requires a load of min. 5-10 kg / cylinder (depending on tube length) to ensure return time. Pumps and cylinders are connected by plastic tubing, OD 4.5 mm and min. bending radius of 30 mm. The difference between the shortest and longest hose should not exceed a ratio of 1:3 (eg shortest hose 2 m and the longest hose 6 m). Temperature range: Operating 0 ° to +45 °. Transport -20 ° to

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